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About Taiwan Formosa is what the Portuguese called Taiwan when they came here in the 16th century and saw the verdant beauty of the island.
Located off the southeast coast of the Asian Continent at the western edge of the Pacific Ocean, between Japan and the Philippines and right in the center of the East-Asian island arc, Taiwan forms a vital line of communication in the Asia-Pacific region. It covers an area of approximately 36,000 square kilometers (14,400 square miles) and is longer than it is wide. Two-thirds of the total area is covered by forested mountains and the remaining area consists of hilly country, platforms and highlands, coastal plains and basins. The Central Mountain Range stretches along the entire country from north to south, thus forming a natural line of demarcation for rivers on the eastern and western sides of the island. On the west side, lies the Yushan (Yu Mountain) Range with its main peak reaching 3,952 meters, the highest mountain peak in Northeast Asia.

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Taiwan Standard Time is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+8).

Currency and Banks 
Major credit cards (Visa, Master, JCB, AMEX) are widely accepted, and traveler’s checks may be accepted by tourist-oriented shops and at most international tourist hotels and banks.  Banks open whole day from 09:00 to 15:30, Mon-Fri and closed at weekend and public holidays.
The official currency in New Taiwan Dollar (code: TWD; abbr. NT$)
1 USD≒30 TWD
1 EUR≒38 TWD
1 JPY≒0.36 TWD
1 KRW≒0.027 TWD

Voltage, Frequency and Plug/Outlet Type
Electricity in Taiwan is 110 Volts, alternating at 60 cycles per second. However, the shape of a socket varies between countries, a portable plug adaptor may be necessary. The flat bladeattachment plug is generally accepted.

Dialing Code
International Regional Code: +886 2 (Taipei)

The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese and the native Taiwanese tongue, alternatively called taiyu or minnan hua, is still widely spoken as a first language by the island's dominant ethnic group, which originally hails from China's southern Fujian province. The most popular foreign language in Taiwan is English, which is part of the regular school curriculum.